The White Witch Chronicles, Book 1 A Witch’s Due To Be Published January 2018

I have always had a keen interest regarding the history of Witches, Wicca, and Goddesses of nature.  I suppose that is why I chose to write the Chronicles of one such Witch – a White Witch –The White Witch Chronicles. This is the story about Sara, a young White Witch, who has survived two hundred years and now finds she is being haunted by a ghost, who needs her help. Sara, finds she is also being followed by an alchemist, also known as a Dark Witch, who is cruel and has learned the ability to travel through time.

Sara Windsor Knightly went to college and because of her love for the healing aspects of plants and herbs, graduated with a degree in botany. She was also very fortunate to have inherited a 300 year colonial home on the edge of a dark forest – a historical preserve. She had her doubts about accepting such a gift. The place was in need of a great deal of repair and she wondered why the other inheritors died not long after inheriting the colonial home. She was soon to discover its secrets.

Chapter one is listed above