About The Author

Karen Anna DeMers Dowdall (K. D. Dowdall) was born in Hartford, Connecticut and spent her elementary-grade school years living in Granby, Connecticut. Her family lived in a home that was built on the edge of a large forest preserve within the small farming community settled in 1680, known as the Salmon Brook Settlement. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Nursing and Clinical Research and received a PhD. from La Salle University, Louisiana.  She loves science, history, archaeology, writing fiction, and reading great books. She spent by formative years growing up in an old colonial farming village with stories of ghosts, witches, and tales of spells and curses along with spooky cemeteries dating back to the 1600’s. These tales were fodder for children with vivid imaginations.

       Karen writes, “We lived on the edge of dark forest full of intrigue about American Indians who once lived on the    very path we walked to school and was once inhabited for 10,000 years by the People of the Dawn, like the Massacos, the Tunix, and even the Mahicans. We would sometimes find relics from that long ago time, like arrowheads, bones, broken pottery, buckles and other artifacts. Strange things happened in our town from time to time.  It was not unusual for children who wandered through the dark forest to be captured by its haunting atmosphere and would come back home, wide eyed, with stories of what they had seen as they walked through the forest.  There were tales of ghosts in long white dresses, Indian warriors, colonial soldiers, and children from another time, sitting under an an old Oak tree, singing. The scary thing was, they were phantoms, as though time has momentarily slipped back into that long ago past.”

These early experiences led her to seek other cultures and their parables, legends, and fairy tales.  K. D.  has lived in the Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, and England. Garrett’s Bones is K. D. Dowdall’s second novel recently published 2016 on Amazon. It is a thriller murder mystery with a hint of the paranormal.   She has also written a science fiction and fantasy novel for all age groups, Delphi Altair, Strange Beginnings, published in 2014.