1. Question: Do you believe in Magic?


Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter are stories we know well. They are full of Magic, Fairies, Witches, Warlocks, and Evil Sorcerers. They are enchanting stories. Magic comes in may forms, like rainbows, and who is to say that Witches who study nature are not magical too.  Our world is full of different kinds of Magic, Wonder, and the Unknown. Many of us, have experienced unusual phenomena from time to time or maybe, none of us have really grasped the reality we live in.

       2. Question: What is a White Witch and how are they different?


Witches are sometimes called Green Witches or Hedge Witches, but all are the same. White Witches though have psychic gifts, the power to see and do things beyond normal human attributes. They can also live a very long time.

Since time began, women nurtured the earth, the plants, the fish in the sea, the animals of the forest, and with this knowledge came wisdom or Wicca (Witch). It means, wisdom or wise woman, a Celtic word, a name given to the wisest of the healers, the seers, and the shaman. Witches know that whatever you put out into the world, for good or ill, in the universe – it will come back to you three-fold.

Wicca Craft, better known by many as Witchcraft, reveres the creative forces of nature, symbolizing the gifts of earth, sea, and sky. The Practitioners of Wicca (Wiccan) study for years to learn the power of herbs to heal, to make potions, and with that eternal wisdom, they pray (spells), hopefully to be heard by the earth goddesses and gods, the eternal spirits of life, and to God, the supreme being of us all.

     3.  What is a Dark Witch?


There are no Dark Witches – they are something else entirely. They are evil magicians, alchemists, and sometimes, they are evil incarnate and do not hold to goodness, their intentions are to control, to take power over others and the things of nature. We find them today in some professions. These individuals have evil intentions to hurt others by the power they seek to disrupt, to control, to destroy, and because of their greed, cause irreparable harm and loss of life for the innocent.